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Digital Denture Professional (DDP) add-on software module

Overview of advantages - giving you more professionalism

Easy transfer of the correct occlusal plane position

The relation between the occlusal plane, Camper's plane and the bipupillary line, as established with the UTS CAD, is transferred to the design software using this software module. It only takes two clicks to convert prosthetic appliances based on average values into individualised dentures.

  • Easy adjustment of Camper's plane
  • Easy adjustment of the bipupillary line
  • Patient-specific positioning of the occlusal plane

Individual transfer of the correct maxillomandibular relation and centric position

The Digital Denture Professional add-on module accurately transfers the immobilized functional impressions captured with the Gnathometer CAD to the design software. This results in a denture design that takes the patient's specific vertical dimension and centric relation into account.

  • Includes habitual centric relation
  • Includes patient-specific vertical dimension of occlusion
  • Increases denture functionality

Time-saving customized tray design and bite registration

The digital production process now already starts with the fabrication of custom trays for functional impression-taking. The software automatically and accurately includes the click connections for the Gnathometer CAD.

  • Enhanced impression quality due to a well-defined, uniform thickness of space for the impression material
  • Time-saving production of customized tray with bite registration
  • Straightforward click connection to ensure a tension-free fit of the Gnathometer CAD

Well-thought-out denture design, from start to finish

The Digital Denture Professional add-on module increases the functionality and comfort in the design of dentures.

  • Time-saving functional pattern creation using Ivoclar Vivadent and Candulor teeth
  • Automatic manufacture of a positioning template to allow the reliable transfer of denture teeth to the denture base

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