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Digital Denture provides a fully integrated workflow for the fabrication of removable dentures using CAD/CAM technology.
Innovative systems, software programs and materials are tailored to the needs of both dentists and dental technicians.

The workflow begins with impression-taking and the registration of the patient’s oral situation. Special support tools are available to ensure optimized collection of patient data. The information obtained is transferred to the design software via an add-on software module and will be incorporated into the denture design.

The UTS CAD assists dentists in measuring the angle of the occlusal plane in relation to Camper's plane (CP) and the bipupillary line (BP).

  • Fast and easy measurement and transfer of CP and BP angles to the design software
  • Optimized dentures to provide enhanced esthetics, occlusal plane design and functionality
  • Easy to handle: helps save time

You can download the Digital Denture broschure here.

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