Wednesday, 29. June. 2022
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High-Tech does not have to be supersized. The ultra-compact Zenotec mini milling system simply beams with efficiency and quality. In conjunction with a scanner and a PC, we can condense your lab to desktop dimensions. With Wieland into the digital future – you’ll just love it.

Overview of features

  • Low-cost professional start-up
  • 4-axis geometry
  • Automatic tool change and measurement
  • All indications – including fully contoured restorations
  • Including CAM software

Further information

Technical specifications

Property Value
Dimensions in cm (w x h x d) 40.0 x 42.0 x 38.x0
Weight 45 kg
Milling stations 1 (dry)
Spindle precision ball-screw spindle drive
Nominal output 240 W, up to 60.000 60,000U/min
Tool positions 6
Remote maintenance yes
Voltage / frequency 230 V / 50 Hz
Automatic day and night operation yes
Automatic tool measurement with breakage detection yes
Automatic numerical control of all 4 axes yes


The use of a 4-axis system, top-quality high-speed spindle and integrated control electronics and control software make the Zenotec mini ideal for all jobs in your lab. The milling system shapes zirconium dioxide, acrylic and wax materials cleanly and with great precision to cater for your chosen indications.

The system features six tool positions and an automatic tool length and breakage detection system. The built-in high-frequency spindle gives high feed rates. The precision spindle axis bearing ensures first-class surface quality. The axis of rotation features a harmonic drive giving the best possible concentricity for processing workpieces throughout the entire 360° of their circumference.

Automatic measurement of the axis of rotation and automatic axis compensation ensure consistent high-precision processing.


The Zenotec range of materials covers all requirements. The wide choice available offers you endless possibilities and delivers everything in top quality at a fair price. You will be impressed by the sheer quality of Wieland materials.


In addition to the machine control system, the Zenotec mini software package also includes the Zenotec CAM V3 software. This is a valuable aid to blank management, ensuring the most space-saving nesting with a minimum of computation time. The performance of the Zenotec CAM V3 system is enhanced by proven Wieland milling strategies and milling geometries. Your guarantee of the very best milling results.

Contact Person

Fon: +49 72 31/37 05-0
Fax: +49 72 31/35 79 59

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