Wednesday, 29. June. 2022

Wilavest Quick

The Wilavest Quick system is a fast-heating, graphite-free, phosphate-bonded investment compound system for high-precision casting of both precious metal and non-precious metal alloys.

It is characterized by a precise fit and a high degree of accuracy in the reproduction of details. Furthermore, it can also be used in conventional step-by-step heating up procedures.

Preheating is carried out in a furnace which has already been preheated to the end temperature (700 °C - 900 °C). This quick heating-up procedure reduces the working time prior to casting by about 2 hours.

Requiring a processing time of only about 4 minutes, Wilavest Quick offers excellent flowability and optimized, controllable expansion; and deflasking is easy, too.

With the yellow Wilavest Quick mixing liquid, all precious metal alloys can be cast to a precise fit and with excellent surface quality. The fit can be regulated by adjusting the concentration of the mixing liquid. Deflasking can be carried out easily and gently.

With the new blue Wilavest Quick NP mixing liquid, it is now possible to use the same powder to make accurately fitting castings from base metal alloys. The concentration of the mixing liquid remains unchanged. Unlike many other systems, this system now makes it possible to obtain highly accurate castings from non-precious metals and to deflask the work gently and with ease.

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