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Innovation backed by tradition

Wieland Dental is located in one of the most important technology zones in Southern Germany – between Karlsruhe and Stuttgart. The following review highlights some of the milestones in the history of Wieland Dental:

  • Ivoclar Vivadent Group acquires 100 % of the equity. This enables both Wieland Dental and Ivoclar Vivadent to strengthen their market position in areas such as the future-oriented segment of digital all ceramic restorations. .
  • Strategic Investment in high-tech blank production equipment/facilities at the Rodheim plant.
  • Sale of Wieland Edelmetalle to Saxonia Holding.
  • Introduction of the Zenotec mini System.
  • Acquisition of Digident.
  • Market launch of the new translucent zirconium dioxide material with colouring concept.
  • On the basis of this material, Wieland introduces the fully contoured, monolithic zirconium dioxide crown at the Future Forum 2010 held in the Porsche Museum.
  • This system for making fully contoured all-ceramic restorations is launched on the international dental market under the brand name “Zenostar”.
  • Zenotec T1 milling system introduced at IDS 2009. With this move, Wieland launches its own highly innovative 5-axis milling system onto the dental market.
  • The software and scanning sector is expanded by the addition of the Dental Wings System.
  • Wieland withdraws from the implant business.
  • Strategic realignment of the group: greater focus on the core competences of CAD/CAM and related materials, alloys, AGC electroforming system and veneering ceramics.
  • Wieland introduces computer-assisted solutions and more productive, more affordable processes from a single supplier at IDS 2007.
  • New software applications and device updates make the digital manufacturing chain more user-friendly for the dental technician.
  • Wieland establishes the Zeno Quality System and offers a 10-year guarantee against breakage on Zeno Zr frameworks.
  • Wi.tal® implant system launched
  • Redistribution of shareholdings (BWK and Martin Wieland as shareholders)
2005 Allux aluminium oxide veneering ceramic launched
2004 Production and supply of homogenous catalysts launched
2003 Launch of the innovative Nanoleucite® ceramic Reflex, developed and produced by Wieland Dental Ceramics
2002 A new subsidiary, Wieland Dental Ceramics GmbH is established
2001 Restructuring of the company: The next generation, Irmgard, Margot and Martin Wieland are entrusted with Dr. Ulrich Wieland’s entire share in the company together with a substantial part of the share owned by his wife Maria Wieland.
The BWK Unternehmens-BeteiligungsGesellschaft, Stuttgart, increases its shareholding in the company to 40%
1996 125th anniversary of the founding of the company: Wieland celebrates with over a thousand customers and employees
1993 Patent application for a plant and treatment process for breaking down solid complexing agents in aqueous solutions
1988 Patent application for a plant and treatment process for waste waters containing nitrite
1986 The first AGC crown produced by Wieland is inserted at the University Clinic in Tübingen
1982 Electrolytic gold refining begins
1976 Development of the first gold-coloured ceramic alloy for dental restorations
1968 Items of dental equipment and dental electroplating appliances are added to the product range
1945 90% of the company is destroyed during the air raid on Pforzheim. The whole of the precious metal stock is confiscated
1931 Development of low-cost gold-free alloys which are electroplated in the mouth using the “MIDAS” portable anode
1927 The Nobel Prize for chemistry is awarded to Professor Heinrich Wieland, son of the founder, Dr. Theodor Wieland
1920 The manufacture of semifinished products such as wires and sheet metal for the jewellery industry commences. Production of electrolytic baths, solders and fluxes begins
1871 The business is founded in Pforzheim with a staff of 13 by the chemist, Dr. Theodor Wieland

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